DeFi Weekly #43

StarkExchange, Facebook Coin, CDP Saver

Latest this week

  • StarkWare announced the launch of their StarkExchange (different to the DEX they’re working with 0x). DEXs will be able to tap into CEX liquidity pools and vice versa! All of this can be done with scalability as well as privacy. Since the Ethereum Foundation has established close ties with StarkWare and 0x, many benefits of STARKs will be utilised by Etheruem first. The narrative about Etheruem not scaling is slowly shifting. Layer 2 is coming much sooner than most people realise. Network effects of a base layer chain aren’t just about attracting devs/retaining them, but also creating opportunities for companies like StarkWare to market their technology to a market of developers.

  • FacebookCoin has been making the rounds of CT with their alleged GlobalCoin node costing $10m/year to run. Many are painting a dystopian vision for this although I think the fear is overblown at the moment. Since they failed to raise $1B for their stable coin, they’re trying to get customers to foot the bill - straight from the Bitfinex playbook. I’m more curious about the finer details such as: how will users be KYC’d, will it be a permissioned chain that will allow interoperability, reasons for users converting dollars to GlobalCoins etc. Regardless of what the implementation is like, should be a net positive for crypto and renewing optimism in mainstream.

  • ETH’s been in a bit of a rocky situation lately with its gains and drops. From $285 to $230, plenty of CDPs have been liquidated in the process. CDP Saver allows you to keep your CDPs safe by depositing collateral should you need it. Check them out at:

On Chain Statistics

Total Locked in DeFi: $531M. Not much change from last week with the recent action. If ETH hits $300 we’re going to see this sky rocket very quickly.

Biggest Gainer: Synthetix has been climbing up the ranks rapidly once again and currently at #3.

Interesting Stat: InstaDapp has more ETH locked up than Augur.

Community Submitted Links

  • What happens when the bar only accepts DAI:

Project Updates

  • We’re actively working with, the leading resource for discovering decentralized applications (dapps), to help educate new, incoming users on how to trade on AirSwap. Check out the Complete Beginner’s Guide to AirSwap Instant.

  • We’re continually improving on the AirSwap trading experience. See how easy it can be to trade on decentralized networks. Make a trade today on AirSwap Instant.

  • We announced our mainnet launch coming June 24th! See our blog post for more information

  • Our first product available for minting and trading: tokenized BTC/DAI positions (both long and short)

  • Early access is now available, users can try MPX prior to our official launch with market makers

  • Have you ever wished an explorer for Liquidity Network's off-chain transactions? Now, it comes! Head to to get some statistic data of our off-chain transfers.

  • We are excited to join USDC’s ecosystem to bring crypto to the masses by offering a simple and innovative way to transfer and swap crypto assets. Read more about this collaboration in the Liquidity blog and Centre Blog