DeFi Weekly #43

Did someone say... Libra? bZx Launch, Kyber integrates into HTC + more!

Latest this week

My time spent on Crypto Twitter has probably increased by 10x over the past week because of the tremendous influx of news coming out. Strap in, it’s a long read!

On Chain Statistics

Total Locked in DeFi: $569M. Small change from last edition by approx $30m. ETH holders are waiting for price to take off as Bitcoin rips through $9k and approaches $10k.

Biggest Gainer: Connext starting off with $40k locked in their state channels. Great things take time :)

Interesting Stat: Augur has $1m locked up while Veil still only has $70k.

Community Submitted Links

Project Updates

  • Last week, AirSwap co-founder Don Mosites and Rob Paone answered the Messari community’s questions during the AMA hosted on Telegram. You can read the entire transcript here.

  • Want to make your token available on AirSwap? Kerock and AirSwap are joining forces with the vision of democratizing liquidity and token accessibility. Learn more on how you can receive liquidity services for free

  • We’re continually improving on the AirSwap trading experience. See how easy it can be to trade on decentralized networks. Make a trade on AirSwap Instant today!

  • Last week we announced the upcoming launch of our platform MPX. Early access is available now prior to market makers onboarding before launch   

  • We published Part 1 of our MPExplained educational series: Pricing Position Tokens. Check it out to learn more about our first product, BTC/DAI