DeFi Weekly #44

Bull Market, Ethereum Transaction ATH, Generalised Plasma, Totle Swap

Latest this week

  • Totle launched their new DEX swap application which has an absolutely slick UX to it. These are exactly the kinds of products we need in the space. Check this demo out:

  • Ethereum transactions reach an 17-month high of over 1 million daily transactions. Furthermore, for the past 9 months the capacity of the network has been over 80% (average). Many people fear the death of “alt-season” (which subjectively includes Ethereum), however it’s only a matter of time when this changes. A key mistake participants in a market make repeatedly over time is that whatever happening in the present will continue perpetually. Ethereum’s bull case is extremely strong and will probably cause irrational exuberance, again this time with stronger fundamental value. This photo by Anthony Sassano explains it quite well visually.

On Chain Statistics

Total Locked in DeFi: $605M. We’re up by almost $100m!! The road to $1B locked up is going to be incredible.

Biggest Gainer: Compound has been killing it with over $40m locked up in their contracts!

Interesting Stat: Lightning Network finally reaches $10m in locked up payments. Is it finally delivering?

Project Updates

  • CDP Saver now supports - manage your lending and borrowing portfolio and interact between Compound and MakerDAO CDPs directly

  • CDP Saver now integrates with Eth2Dai and exchanges! - Automatically get the best prices with low slippage

  • We officially launched MPX and Position Tokens, introducing our first token  – leveraged BTC/DAI! Traders can start trading on MPX (ex. US for now)

  • We published Part 2 of our MPExplained educational series: Trading Position Tokens. Check it out to learn more about trading BTC/DAI tokens