DeFi Weekly #45

Heiswap, PoolTogether, Edgeware

On Chain Statistics

On Chain Statistics

Total Locked in DeFi: $650M. We’re up by almost $50m! wen $1B?

Biggest Gainer: Compound is on a roll with over $50m locked up in their contracts, up by $10m from last week!

Interesting Stat: wBTC gains on the chart with approximately $7.1m locked up. If we can grow this pie, cheap leverage on Ethereum will be coming very soon.

Project Updates

  • Earlier last month, Keyrock and AirSwap joined forces with the vision of democratizing liquidity and token accessibility. With this initiative, any individual or team can add their token to AirSwap and receive free liquidity services from Keyrock. Learn more about the initiative on Keyrock’s website.

  • Totle released a blog post entitled “The Astounding Progress of DEXs” and highlights AirSwap’s strengths in simple, intuitive design: "In a huge improvement from the early days of DEXs, developers have created user experiences that now compete with centralized solutions. A great example is AirSwap 2.0’s visually appealing interface."

  • Replaced homebrew web3 connectivity with Blocknative integration

  • Improved exchange UI to make implicit leverage more clear for each order

  • Added expiration value to Position Token balances in the MPX wallet

  • Bug fixes

  • Existing decentralized exchanges settle trades on-chain. We just launched a testnet TEX, our Trustless EXchange, that performs trades off the chain, traders always keep custody, can trade without blockchain fees and much quicker than on any other DEX.